What do the different vacancy statuses mean? (Open/Closed & Posted/Expired)

The ATS has two separate status tracking facilities for a vacancy, these statuses are the "OPEN" and "POSTED" status types.

The "OPEN" status type tracks whether the vacancy is "OPEN" or "CLOSED" to the acceptance of new applications. There is a third status which applies here which is "ARCHIVED" but it is not shown.

  • "OPEN" - The vacancy is open to new applications and is fully enabled. The default system open period is 3 months.
  • "CLOSED" - The vacancy is closed to new applications but existing applications can continue to be managed. You will not see notifications on the Home Page Summary for unread messages of a closed vacancy. However any unread messages can still be seen by viewing the vacancy and looking at the applications received. (You will see a "red dot" above the "View Application" icon"). Closed vacancies can be re-opened.
  • "ARCHIVED" - The vacancy is closed to new applications and it is removed from the list of active vacancies a recruiter is working on. Archived vacancies can be un-archived and re-opened.

We would always advise keeping an advert "OPEN" whilst it is showing as "LIVE" or "SOME LIVE" on the job boards. If a vacancy is live on the job boards but is "CLOSED", any applicants trying to apply will receive a notice advising you are not accepting new applications.

The "POSTED" status type tracks how the vacancy has been distributed to job boards. It has status values of "NOT POSTED", "PENDING", "QUEUED", "LIVE", "SOME LIVE" and "EXPIRED".

  • "NOT POSTED" - The vacancy has not been posted to any job boards or aggregators.
  • "PENDING" - A recruiter has requested approval for posting the vacancy to some job boards or aggregators.
  • "QUEUED" - The vacancy has been queued for distribution to the selected job boards and aggregators.
  • "LIVE" - The vacancy should be active on the job boards and aggregators to which it was posted.
  • "SOME LIVE" - The vacancy ads may expire at different times on the job boards and aggregators and some have expired whilst others are still live.
  • "EXPIRED" - All of the ads previously posted to the job boards and aggregators have expired.