The ATS platform has two distinct types of vacancy within the system, these are "Job" and "Talent Pool". They are to all intents and purposes, the same, however how they can be used within the ATS and how applicants are processed according to GDPR for each vacancy type differs.

  • "JOB" vacancies can be posted to job boards, aggregators, and manually on third party websites and off-line media.
  • "TALENT POOL" vacancies can only be placed manually on third party websites and off-line media.

Under GDPR, legitimate interest for handling applicant data differs between the two types of vacancy the system provides. The scope of "Legitimate Interest" for the "job" vacancy type is limited to the evaluation of the application for the purposes of potentially employing the applicant in the advertised role. Any other use of the applicant data outside of this scope requires that an applicant provides consent.

The scope of "Legitimate Interest" for the "talent pool" type of vacancy is wider than that of the "job" type. Recruiters can process candidate data with respect to evaluating the candidate against any vacancies that they may have both now and in the future and contact them for the purposes of inviting the candidate to apply to any vacancies they feel the candidate is a good match for.