We are Workvine Ltd t/a Talentvine.

We provide the software recruiters use to manage your application and we are the primary "Data Processor" dealing with your application.

For direct recruiters, they are a "Data Controller", for agencies, depending on their recruitment practice, they may be a "Data Controller" (usually for temp role recruitment) or "Data Processor" (usually for permanent roles with an employer). There may be other data processors involved in the process and you will be informed of their involvement. If we need to, we will ask you before providing these third parties with your data. Some third parties can be passed limited data about you without the need for consent.

  • Data Controller - The Employer
  • Data Processors - The people providing the software or a service to the Data Controller, including (but not limited to):¬†
    • An Internet based applicant tracking software provider¬†
    • Background checking services
    • Outsourced telephone interview service providers¬†
    • Agencies providing recruitment services to the Employer