• We do not require consent before you make an application.
  • The "Data Controller" only requires consent from you where they wish to process your data for reasons outside of the original reason you provided your information e.g. a reason not directly related to an application or talent pool, or passing data to a third party that processes your data for a reason that is unrelated to your application.
  • We process all information provided for your application based on the consent level you set.
  • Where you do not set consent, if your application progresses to a stage where consent is required, we will ask for it before proceeding.
  • Any consent you give is on a per-application or per-employer basis depending on the reason for the consent.
  • You can withdraw your consent at any time with no need to provide a reason.

Why don't we require consent?

Under the GDPR, if we required consent prior to your application, it would constitute an imbalance of power where we would be forcing you into consenting to something just so you can apply to a job. This is therefore illegal under GDPR so, we accept applications without requiring consent and process them under the "Legitimate Interest" aspects of GDPR which requires a more focused use of your data.

Where consent is required, our system is geared towards identifying these scenarios and asking for consent at the point it is required if you have previously chosen to apply without providing explicit, informed consent.