Your data is stored on servers provided by the Microsoft Azure platform in their European data centres on encrypted drives which is known as "Encryption at rest". Your data is never sold for profit and is never given to third parties without explicit permission from you except where there is a "legitimate interest" to do so in the process of evaluating your application. Such a third party would be a Background Checking service or similar. Where data is sent to third parties in pursuit of processing your application, we provide the minimum amount of data required for their service to work.

On application, if known, any third parties that will be involved in evaluating your application will be disclosed to you. Access to your data is restricted to the Data Controller (The company recruiting for the role) and Hiring Managers associated with your applications.

Our staff will only ever access your data if they are instructed to do so by you, the Data Controller, a legal request by a law enforcement agency or if an issue is detected with the system which requires data repair or removal.

We will notify you of any changes made by the Data Controller to your core data including your name and contact details.

You can always review your applications and see what data is held in full via the portal provided, where you can also export or remove all your data at any time. If you choose to remove your data, any ongoing applications will be removed from the system and it will be as if you never applied.