We have created a step by step guide to creating a vacancy. We have broken everything down into very easy steps, detailing any hints and tips to creating your advert.

  1. Once you have logged in click on the following menu tabs ‘Vacancies’ tab > "Create"
  2. On the “Choose Workflow” dropdown, choose the “standard workflow w/ pre-screening” if you wish to have pre-screening questions, or "standard workflow no pre-screening" if you do not wish to use pre-screening questions. Leave the rest and click NEXT
  3. On the next page enter the job title
  4. We recommend that keep “Auto-generate reference” ticked but you can also create your own reference.  This must be unique, and the system will notify you if it is not
  5. Enter your advert text by typing in the box by using Ctrl V to paste it in. Use this box to add details of your company benefits, hours of work and any other information to sell your vacancy
  6. Click NEXT or at the top click on the salary details tab.
  7. It is important to note that the first two boxes from and to DO NOT appear on the vacancy, but should be completed as this information is what potential applicants will use to search on the job boards. (Do not use commas) (These boxes will be visible only on CV Library & Monster if you do not choose to “Hide salary details” when posting - Please refer to our "How do I hide the salary on my vacancy" article)
  8. Complete the “Per” dropdown box to match the payment period to the values entered above
  9. The Salary Description box must also be completed, and this WILL be visible on the advert. If you do not want to disclose your salary you should enter something else here for example "competitive" or "dependent on experience".  We do however recommend that you enter a salary as research has shown this will result in a higher response rate. Click NEXT or Contract Details tab.
  10. On the contract page you only need to complete the first box. (Choose if permanent, temp to perm etc). Click NEXT or Locations tab.
  11. To enter a location, you can either select from the location library if you have previously saved vacancy locations.  Otherwise you should populate the boxes with your location details. (If you do not want the exact location to appear on the advert, then all you need to do is just type the word street in the street box and then fill the town and city boxes as normal.  In the post code box just enter the first part of the post code)
  12. Finally we just need to select the vacancy category. Choose the most relevant category to your job
  13. If you wish to save this vacancy to use for future posting, you can tick the box “Save to vacancy Library” and enter the job title as a reference. (It must be unique to any references already saved in the library)
  14. You can now hit save vacancy
  15. You will then be presented with a new screen where you can click to post your vacancy. Click on “Post to job boards”
  16. The following screen will allow you to edit your Pre-screening questions (if you have chosen this workflow) and to edit your Telephone Interview questions if you wish to. More information about this can be found on our "How do I add Pre-Screening Questions" article.
  17. Once completed there will be a few further boxes to complete which are requirements for the job boards.  Just choose from the drop down that most closely matches your job