What is the pre-screening question feature?

The first time you post a vacancy to the job boards, Talentvine runs a few checks on your vacancy to ensure everything is present and correct. When creating your vacancy you may have selected a workflow that contains any number of forms for the applicant to complete.

If the check finds any forms they will be presented to you, so you can make any necessary changes to each form before distributing your advert. Changes to the forms can only be made before the vacancy has received an application – this is to ensure a consistent and fair application experience.

If you do not need to edit your pre-screening questions for every vacancy we recommend you disable the “Form Check before posting” feature in the vacancy management section of your preferences.

Initial Form Editor Screen

Available Actions:

  • Add a new Question
  • Move Question Up/Down – up and down arrows on the right allow you to move fields up and down.
  • Delete Question – The X icon to the right of the question enables you to remove it from the form
  • Skip and post advert
  • Select a different form
  • Save the changes to the current form

Add New Question

Available Actions:

  • Add an existing question from the library, by ticking the desired questions followed by “Next”.
  • Add a new Question: Choose a Question Type followed by “Next”. – explanations of scoring next to each type.

Add AutoFail Question

Add the text of the question, update the answer options to indicate the correct answer and click “Next” or cancel to go back to the current form. You can also save questions to the library to you save time re-adding them to other vacancies in the future.

Add HTML/TEXT Header

You can add sub headings/information sections to your form by adding a “Header Section / Information” and then adding some text to the editor shown in the screen above.

Once you have finished adding the pre-screening questions to your form you should then hit ‘Continue to post vacancy’ and this will take you to the page where you select which job boards you wish to post your vacancy to.

From here you are on familiar ground and should select the relevant categories to complete the final stages to post your vacancy.