How do I communicate with multiple applicants?

Talentvine has a clever feature built in to save you time when you want to communicate with multiple applicants at the same time.  This is particularly useful when dealing with a very large response and allows you to update your applicants in ‘bulk’.   For this to work your applicants must all be at the same ‘stage’ in the process.  We recommend that you use this feature to update all of the other applicants when you fill your vacancy as it provides a better candidate experience.

  1. Start by clicking on the "Applications" total for the relevant vacancy to get the list of all the people who have applied
  2. Use the filter to open a stage where applicants are sitting (such as “Under Review”, “Awaiting Contact from Applicant”, “Shortlist”, “Telephone Interview”) 
  3. Click on the communicate in bulk icon
  4. Select the check box next to “Applicants” to choose all applicants at that stage  
  5. Use the “Choose Action” dropdown box to select “Send Message” and press “Go”  
  6. You can use a  “Message Library Template”  by clicking on the dropdown list or you can create your own email from scratch  
  7. If you choose a library template message, you can edit the email if you wish
  8. Once you are happy with the email, click “Send”
  9. Use the “X” to exit this pop-up screen and to return to the manage applicants screen