How do I view and approve/reject requisitions?

Requisitions for all divisions can be approved whilst in the top division or you may choose to approve division specific requests by switching into that division. Requisitions can only be approved by authorised recruiters.

  1. Using the top menu bar, click on the “Requisition” tab
  2. Choose “Requisitions” again - This will list all requisition requests and show their status (Approved / Pending)Click “Pending” on the role you wish to approve / view

 3.  Click “Pending” on the role you wish to approve / view

 4.  Choose if you wish to “Approve” or “Reject” the role. If choosing “Reject” you may add feedback for the Hiring Manager to see

Once approved or rejected, both the Hiring Manager and Recruiter will receive an email to notify them of the status change. If approved the Recruiter will have the option to create the vacancy.