The Talentvine system has an automatic email set up to confirm the interview details to applicants once an interview has been booked. Recruiters and interviewers added as attendees to the interview will also receive an email confirming the interview details for their reference.

  • First progress the applicant to "Interview" stage. 

  • If you are not yet viewing the applicant's application page, click on "View application"

  • Click on the plus (+) button next to available interviews which will bring up the below screen. 

  • Completing the interview details:

Location – The location will be the default location for the department the interview is for. You can change this by clicking change and either selecting from the drop down or creating a new address.

Attendees – The person on the top of the list will be the applicant and the person in bold will be the person who the candidate will need to ask for on arrival to the interview. This will be shown in the email confirmation they receive.

If you click on change next to attendees, you can change who will be attending the interview as per below screenshot. If you select “Person” from the drop down, you will be able to just type the persons details who you would like to attend an interview and they will get an email notification of the interview slot. Also, when you click Primary Host/ Interviewer, this will be the person who appears in bold. Click add and save.

Date and Time  – You can change the date and time by clicking in the box that has the date and time which will bring up a calendar that you can select you date and time on. It will automatically default to a 1 hour time slot but you can change. 

Instructions – In the instructions box, you can type what you would like to add into the interview for example “please bring ID with you to the interview”. This will be added into the automatic email which the applicant will get.

Once you click on save, the screen will change to the below screenshot where you can change the option to attended or not attended accordingly. You will do this once the interview has been completed.