Adding a new message template from a current template - Subscription Users only

If you are a PRO or Enterprise Talentvine customer, you can create your own Email or SMS message templates. Available to Admin and Senior Recruiter User Roles.

If you want to create a new message template based on a current template you already have in your message library, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Click on “Customise” > “Messages” on the top menu bar (if you can not see “Customise” click on the “UP” arrow”)
  2. Click on next to the template you wish to copy.
  3. Update the Message Subject box with the reference for the email/SMS you are creating e.g Pre-screening Reminder
  4. Choose from “Message Type” – Email or SMS 
  5. Optional - if you have multiple divisions and wish for this template to only be visible in your current division, untick the "Global" box.
  6. Click “Create Message” > “Configure Message”


To add an email template, follow steps 1 to 6 above then:

  1. Update the email as required including the subject line and message text. The “To” box will automatically be defaulted to send the email to the applicant.
  2. Once completed click “Save Message”



To add an SMS template, follow steps 1 to 6 above then:

  1. In the “Message Source” box, update the company name if required. The box is limited to 11 characters
  2. In the “Message” box, update the text message as required. The maximum length allowed is 459 characters. 160 characters counts as 1 credit.

Please note SMS credits need to be purchased in advance for text messages to be sent. Please contact us at for more information.