How do I download a copy of an applicant's application?

You should use the "Print Application" function in line with your own company GDPR policy.

  1. When viewing the applicant’s application, ensure you are on the first tab “Application for APPLICANT NAME”
  2. Click on “Print Application” shown under the “Application Details” box.
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  3. The Print Application box will appear. By default all stages which the applicant has past through will be ticked. If you not wish to include any particular stage, please untick the stage. We do advise keeping “Applied” ticked so that the applicant’s details are included in the document created. Click “Print” and a new window will open with the applications information selected. 
  4. Right click anywhere on the new window and select Print. The print dialogue box should appear.
  5. Choose whether you wish to send the document to your printer and click “Print” or “Save as PDF” so that you can download the document and click “Save”