Hiring Manager - How do I progress an applicant who has been shortlisted to me in the Hiring Manager Portal?

  1. Click on “Review Your Shortlisted Applicants” on the Hiring Manager Portal homepage
  2. Click on the magnifying glass next to the shortlist you wish to view 
  3. Click on the "View Application" button (a.) to view an applicant's application so far
  4. You can click on the various tabs to see any details of the application so far such as their CV, pre-screening responses and telephone interview if applicable.
  5. To choose how you wish to progress the applicant you need to be on the "Applications" tab.  Under the "Progress Application" section click on the dropdown menu to view the possible options; Reject, Vacancy Filled, Suitable Applicant (On Hold), Interview. You can also add notes into the stage notes for the recruiter to view.
  6. Once you have selected how you would like to progress the applicant, click "Save".

7. Once you have chosen an action for each applicant in the shortlist you should return the shortlist back to the recruiter for them to view your decisions.

8. The Recruiter will be able to view the updates as below. If you change your mind, the recruiter can override your previous decision by clicking on the drop down box and changing the status. 

9. Once the recruiter has reviewed your decisions, they choose "Complete" and the applicants will be moved to the relevant stages. Applicants will only notified of a change in status at the point the shortlist has been "Completed".