How do I create an automated email in a vacancy which has already been created?

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  1. When viewing the “Manage” vacancies page, click on the “Cog” for the relevant vacancy. (You will be shown the below screen. This screen is also shown when you save your vacancy)

  1. Click on “Configure Vacancy Workflow Events (#)”
  2. Click on the “Cog”  next to the stage where you'd like to create the automated email i.e Under Review. Depending on your workflow setup you may have multiple stages of the same type (i.e rejection). This function allows you to create different automated emails at each of these stages.

  1. Click on the “Add new stage event”in the right hand corner. 
  2. Complete the "Edit Event" screen:
    1. Event Type: Choose "Send Email"
    2. Event Name: Enter a description here to alert you to the email use e.g Job Description Email / Application Pack Email
    3. Stage Status: Keep this as "Entry event"
    4. Event Delay: Keep this as "0"
  3. Click "Save Changes"
  4. Click "Configure Event Data"
  5. Create the email you would like to be sent to applicants automatically. If you have a email template int eh Message Library, you can select this here. Alternatively enter the email "Subject", and the message body in the "HTML content" box. The email is already set up to be sent to the applicant's email address.
  6. To add an attachment:  click on "Choosefile" to open the Attachment Folder(MoxieManager). Here you can choose a file you have already added to the MoxieManager or "Upload" new files from your computer. 
  7. SAVE your changes.